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DHCPv4 Configuration of IPsec Tunnel Mode HOWTO

Mario Strasser,

v0.3.1, 27 August 2002

This HOWTO is part of the DHCP-Relay package and describes how to support the DHCPv4 Configuration of the IPsec Tunnel Mode with the FreeS/WAN IPSec Stack. After a short scenario overview, the installation and configuration of all involved parts (FreeS/WAN, DHCP-Relay and DHCP-Server) is explained. To keep things simple, only the needed changes on the IPSec and DHCP configuration are shown. Thus, it is assumed that FreeS/WAN and a DHCP-Server are already appropriately configured. For a installation from scratch the HOWTO includes a number of references to other documents.

1. Introduction

2. FreeS/WAN with X.509 Patch

3. DHCP-Server

4. DHCP-Relay

5. Example Configuration Files

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